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Bayou City Classic – Running for the Trees

If you’ve been to a gym or local park, you’ve probably seen other runners sporting a race shirt. The freebie technical shirts are the new standard for race merchandise, those bland cotton t-shirts you wear while washing your car are a thing of the past! As I encounter other people along my running routes, I always try to read their race shirts without looking like a complete creep or missing a stride!

I’ve found that a person’s race shirt choice can say a lot about them. The choice could mean…

  1. They are proud of their race performance. Runners keep and then actually wear shirts for race events they did really well at. Their race-shirt pick is a humble brag to their trail mates or a friendly reminder to themselves of their epic accomplishment. This is me.
  2. They like to save money. They wear race shirts that aren’t ugly because buying new running attire is an unnecessary luxury when you’re already spending a small fortune on race entry fees each year. This is also me.
  3. They are sleepy. They woke up late and grabbed the top shirt in the drawer, hoping it wasn’t the same color as their shorts. Blue on blue? Too late, out the door! This is sometimes me…
  4. They are well traveled. Runners wear race shirts from events in cool locations because if you flew to South Africa for an 88KM race between two towns, you have some stories to share. This is not me, but that is a real race.
  5. Absolutely nothing. This person found the shirt in a pile of other shirts that may not even be their clothes and is now wearing it. 

Last year on one of my many laps around Memorial Park, my eyes caught sight of the enchanting Bayou City Classic shirt logo. I made a mental note of the race name and looked it up when I got home. Brand marketing, it’s a thing!

Bayou City Classic
Photo from bayoucityclassic.org

While the shirt is what introduced me to the race, the benefitting cause is what pushed me over the edge and took my credit card information. The Bayou City Classic is the oldest 10K in Texas and 100% of the proceeds go to the Houston Parks Department. For someone who has a new found appreciation for public parks, functioning water fountains, and clean bathrooms, this cause is something I care about supporting. So much so, that this year I volunteered to work at a packet-pickup location the week before the race. Do you still get good karma for volunteer work if you tell everyone about it? Guess I’ll find out.

A fun and unique aspect of the race is the “Centipede Competition.” Basically you have a group of 6 or more people in a themed costume and they have to run tethered together. Some would say they look like a centipede. Last year I ran unattached to other runners, but with family and friends.

Bayou City Classic
Snapchat FTW
Bayou City Classic
Finish Line Triumph

So if you don’t have plans before 10AM on Saturday March 18th, 2017, sign-up for either the 5K or 10K. Get your enchanting t-shirt. And run for those trees!

Race Tip: If you missed the boat this year, sign-up prices are as low as $25 if you register before mid-January. Sometimes it pays to plan. 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated to promote this race. I just really love it.

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