Down on Mileage, Up on Decisions

This week my long run was only 13 miles. Words I never thought I would say! The last few weeks have slowly built up and alas I get a small dip in mileage before the peak in my training. This also means that the big marathon day is creeping up fast and after checking the race website, I can confirm there are 41 days, 10 hours, and 33 minutes left at this very moment.

I look forward to my long runs every week. There is a sense of excitement when I figure out the route (or steal a route from my running club) and then send out texts to friends to see who needs X number of miles and what time everyone can meet up to start. Complexities with the plans? Bring it! The more dynamics, the more fun it is to map out. The decision to wake up and run is not a decision at all anymore. The alarm goes off and I’m up heading to the kitchen to drink a glass of water and eat a banana, maybe with some almond butter if I remembered it at the store. I’ve got the system down to a science and it now takes me 15 minutes to get up and out the door if I am not lollygagging. I usually add about 10 minutes to lollygag.

The few times I would get caught up snoozing my alarm before work, always led to regret later in the day. And going for a run in the evening is not the same. I won’t be with my runner friends and I won’t get to see the sunrise over the city, which brings all of the possibilities of the day with it. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you chase the sunrise. And yes, maybe this has to do with the cool temperatures versus the time of day, but I still prefer the latter!

And so, the decision to run is easy. It makes me happy and healthy. I think most people would also agree that going for a run is a good thing and a smart decision.

However, I’ve made some other big decisions this week, where the right answer wasn’t so clear. I found myself asking for advice from a number of family and friends, but what I was really asking for was validation. Validation, that I was making the right decision. And what I realized after a lot of thought and internal torture, was that no one knows the right decision. And that is okay. We are all in control, whether that is keeping the status quo or making a change. Not doing anything is still a decision. And doing everything can be a harder one.

I’m making some changes. And a part of that decision means deferring my Chicago race entry and instead registering for the Munich Marathon. Only time will tell if this is the right decision, but what I do know is that in 41 days I’ll be running through the streets of Munich for 26.2 miles. Bring it on, Germany.

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