Full Speed Ahead in 2017

New Years has never been one of my favorite holidays because it always seems like it falls short of my expectations. 

The past two years I’ve been lucky to spend New Years Eve surrounded by loved ones, playing games, drinking a little too much, and eating a lot of gourmet cheeses. Food, drinks, love – what’s the problem! 

I think the reason it always seems to fall short is because nothing really happens once the clock strikes midnight. All night you are waiting and counting down and then the big event happens and you’re still the same person. My resolutions are not suddenly more achievable. I still have the same problems. I love that New Years is a catalyst for people to set new goals and to think about new, exciting dreams, but it also seems like an excuse to procrastinate until 1/1/YYYY.

In the last year, I realized that I don’t need to wait for a start date to set a goal. I don’t need to wait until the end of the weekend or the end of the year. It’s January 5th, 2017. Did you miss the NYE window to set a goal? Today is as good a day as any to start working towards something new. Step 1 – go out and do something!

Looking back on the last few years, I’ve also realized how few goals I had set outside of my trivial New Years resolutions. I had been working towards the basic goals of a young adult to get a degree and then find a job. After I achieved those (WAHOO!), I plateaued. While I love Gilmore Girls, a person should never watch a full season in one weekend. I was so focused on just blending into society, that I overlooked what it could be like to get the most out of society and the most out of myself. Even if that meant putting myself out there to try something new and to fail a few (hundred) times. That’s around the time when I started getting into running and getting back into yoga. Along those journeys, I started to pinpoint some major life passions and interests.

This year holds a lot of excitement for me. In 10 days I run the Chevron Houston Marathon. 3 days after that I am heading to Bangkok to help my parents settle down in their new home. While I have part-time work I love doing right now, I am still constantly searching for “the right” full-time position. Trying desperately to not get discouraged and to continue believing in my dreams. Possibly realizing that one way to find that dream job is to create it myself. The unknown of this predicament is exciting and terrifying. Whatever happens in 2017, I am making a promise to myself to find ways to take steps forward, no matter how big or small they are.

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  1. Hi Molly, I love reading your journal regarding life. Even at my senior age, I feel I need to practice what you are trying to accomplish. We tend to get into a rut& forget to try new things to keep our minds & bodies active. I should not be afraid , because I have nothing to lose. So keep up the good work and go after your dreams. Love you.

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