Near the end of my 20-mile long run yesterday morning, I saw an older couple walking around the trail at Memorial Park. At this point in the day it was almost 9AM, so the trail was filled with red-faced runners and walkers powering through the heat with the sun out in full blast. I was reading the shirts of the people I was passing in the opposite direction, when I noticed that this woman was wearing a bright yellow shirt saying “STRAIGHT OUTTA EXCUSES.”

What a great t-shirt! I don’t know this woman, but I immediately wanted to give her a high-five and assume that she was kicking butt at life on that Saturday morning. Her shirt reminded me that I did not have to wake up at 4:30AM, to start running at 5:00AM. I could have slept-in and very easily convinced myself that I do not need to do this. That maybe I should relax after a long week of work. That instead of running I should get started on a bunch of errands that I may be too tired to do later. That maybe I should do it tomorrow.

Eureka! At mile 19 I realized that there is always an excuse, but you can choose to ignore it or let it control you. Spoiler alert: I’ve been choosing the first one when it comes to training, but that has not always been the case. And while I know it is hypocritical, I think we can all agree that it’s frustrating to hear other people feed you their pool of excuses. I want to shake these people (in a friendly way!) and remind them that I didn’t just wake up and decide I wanted to run a ton of miles. You have to start somewhere and most things that are worthwhile, are not easy in the beginning.

What I am going to focus on this week is to ignore the excuses for why I shouldn’t do something and listen to all the reasons I want to do something. Ladies, tighten your ponytails and gentlemen, do whatever you do before embarking on something mentally tough, and hit the ground running because there is always a reason to just suck it up and get it done.


  1. You go girl. 20 miler 7 weeks out?! You are ahead of schedule! Well done. I’ve done Chicago and it’s a great run through really cool neighborhoods. Stay healthy and don’t under estimate the power of rest. Say hi to mom and dad.
    Bill E.

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