What’s Stopping You?

After spending a few months abroad, I am falling back into my normal routines in Houston. There are a few differences, an important one being that I am currently unemployed and actively seeking employment! I had a phone interview the other day for a remote admin assistant job, where I would be handling projects related to marketing and communications, which is in line with my job interests. What could go wrong? I have some basic skills, the work is remote and part-time. I have nothing but time to give!

I explained to my interviewer my goals for working in marketing and communications, ideally with a non-profit or company that stresses corporate social responsibility. And then ideally down the road being my own boss and evading the pattern of a 9-5 schedule. I explained how working for her and completing these projects would give me some of the experience I needed to get there in the long run. It seemed like a great match to me. Until my interviewer pivoted our discussion and said something along the lines of:

What is stopping you from going after your dreams now? Why wait, why do you need to do this or another job first?”

I responded, dumbfounded with a well I just want to grow my skills and build a solid foundation first. I’d like to make more connections.”

I realized that I was making excuses. I left the call with the advice to consider a vision for what I want and with the encouragement that through careful thought I could figure out a way to start working towards my dream right now. What a curveball.

The conversation has continued to resonate with me.

I went to a yoga class this morning, another part of my Houston routine that was absent while abroad. In the peak posture of the class I chose to do the restorative (less intense, more relaxing) version of wheel pose, which is the peak posture at the end of class. Wheel pose is intense after an hour of sweaty flow and I have only been doing the restorative version since returning home. “I am not ready for that yet,”  I caught myself saying today. Sound familiar?

If I am not ready for wheel pose, then how am I supposed to be ready to reach my wildest goals? Will you ever be ready? Are you waiting on a sign or person to tell you if you are ready?

I can’t answer those for you, I can barely answer them myself. And so, this week I am working on understanding my own vision and the possible ways I could achieve it. As you go about your week, try to catch yourself when you make an excuse and really ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”  Because I bet, the figurative hurdle is much smaller than you think.

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